Why Donate or Invest for Portal?

How Will You Get Benefits after Donate or Invest?

Donate us To Create Social Portal to Help Needy People and Get Benefits in Future

About Needy Help Me Portal

This portal is specially design for needy people who is looking for help worldwide. First time you will see online portal for any about all types of help like "Need help for education" "Help in depression" "Need help for small business" "Having talent but budget is issue" and many more related things. See below small clip for more details.

How Dononrs will Get Benefits

For each donors we will create an account on our portal and we will give him permission to advertise on our portal his profile or his products or his service or his website to get more benefits in future. See below clips for benefits of donate or invest us.

All permission of advertisement will be according to percentage of donation of total requirement. For example ......

  • If you are donating us 5000 or 5000+ USD then we will give you 2% to 5% revenue of total income on monthly basis lifetime. We will take only 5 Donation for lifetime revenue. And for other we will give advertisement right to earn lifetime from our portal. To know more please contact us.
  • If you are donating us 3000 or 3000+ USD then we will give you right of advertisement of 5 products or services or website or any other things lifetime on our portal. We will take only 20 donation with right of advertisement lifetime, other will get double credit in his wallet for advertise on our website.
  • For 1000 or 1000+ USD we will give advertisement right of advertisement for 1 products or website or services or related things lifetime. We will give right of advertisement to first 20 donaters only, other donations will credited after double ( if $1000 donate x 2 = $2000.00 Credit to wallet for advertisement) to his wallet for advertisement.
  • For small amount like for 10 or 20 USD we will give you double credits under your account for advertisement. We have also surprised offers for small donaters, Because you are trying to help us by small amount so we will give you also benefits in future for sure.

So you will get benefits after donation any how?

Note one thing that at our portal advertisement coast will be very high after few months of start. Because due to our plan we will get lots of users worldwide so at portal you can advertise on local or country wise or global basis also.

Are You Investor? And Want to Invest in This Portal?

If you want to invest in our dream portal then please feel free to contact us. We are ready to make an agreement after discussion on all topics. We don't need big amount of money to start my portal and I am managing and Digital Marketing and website designing company RS Seo Solution (http://www.rsseosolution.com) so you can believe us.

About us & Our Process

As i mentioned above right now i am managing a digital marketing firm with name of RS Seo Solution (http://www.rsseosolution.com) and one of my friend is managing a distance and regular learning education institute MY RS Institute (http://www.myrsinstitute.com/). We saw many times that some student want to do regular course from college but due to home economy situation he is working and taking education also from distance. So if we will give him opportunity to earn online or will help him by donation then he can do more better than now.

Then after we are planning for this portal after discussion with our friends who is managing distance and regular works and our legal advisor also.

This portal will play a role of bridge between social workers or donors and needy people. If you will donate any needy people then donation will go directly to his account. You can donate also things like book, cloths, tribicicle for hadicap people worldwide, we will list donated items on portal and any needy people can claim them if he need things.

If you are not able to donate then no issue at our portal we will give you credit for your each legal and genuine activities like 10 cent or more. So you can entertain yourself at our portal and can earn also. If you are needy then after a limit you can withdraw money to your account or you can donate to other needy people who is listed his requirement on our website. All things will be clearly visible.

You can book hotel, tour package and many other things in future because we will tie up with many website or service provider day by day to complete your dreams by your earning by activities on our portal for free.

Note : You can start earning on our portal without any registration fees or any other hidden charges.

Question : If all things are free then how our portal will pay for online activities.

Answer : That is why in starting we need some budget to get crowd and after few months we will get huge amount of traffics from worldwide and then many corporate or business owner will choose us for advertisement and our earning will start from there. We will earn only from advertisement. Remaining all things like donation for needy people or any other things will go directly to his account without any hidden charges.

Hope we describe all things above but If you have still any question or doubt then please either register and message us at ww.needyhelpme.com or can mail us directly at needyhelpme@gmail.com or admin@myrsinstitute.com.

Note : We will give benefits to our each donors benefits without any question. So help us as much as you can.

If you are interested then please message here or PM me for details that how you want to help or donate us. We will send you details accordingly.

If you have any question then feel free to mail us. I will reply you within 24 hours hardly. And if you think that you are able to help us for this portal then please share with us what you can Donate.

About Needy Help Me

Portal for Needy People from All over World

I am a Needy Person and expert of digital marketing service, living with my family of 5 members in Jaipur, Rajasthan. I earn average by online but i want to do always social work to help some needy people. I plan this website (NeedyHelpMe.com) to make a portal for needy persons. Here any needy person can share his issues and visitors or viewer of website can help them by suggestion or money both. I will manage this portal for all types of issues like money problem, depression, family issue etc., so any one can share his any types of issues here to get solution.

Why I Need Help?

Above is my prime dream but i have not much earning to create expensive portal and manage team to verify needy person to avoid fraud. So i decide to request you all to share as much as you can with me and i will create website according to our dream. I can marketing website for free of coast because i have good experience in marketing but for developing and team management need some amount for starting 6 months to 1 year to make a stable online platform or portal for needy people.

Target of Collection for This Portal?

What i need in starting are very good experienced developer who can create and manage website on regular base according to my plan. In starting need about 5 to 10 persons for registration and verify needy people with marketing and advertisement of website online. So total coasting will be around USD 10,000 to 20,000 (10 lacs to 20 lacs about) for six to 10 months. So if you think that you can help me then please share what you can with me.

What Next?

After ready Needy Help Me portal we will marketing worldwide and will earn through advertisement like OLX because according to my plan its unique and will get very good amount of traffics of both types people first who is needy (Looking for help) and second who want to help needy persons or family. And all earning by advertisement will use to manage our team and full fill requirement of needy people.

If you have any question then feel free to mail us. I will reply you within 24 hours hardly. And if you think that you are able to help us for this portal then please share with us what you can Donate.

Our Mission

My main mission is to complete needy help me portal as soon as possible and for this need your help by donation or share what you can with me. All payment or shared things will be described on website that what is shared by whom (If you want to hide your name from website then can mail us any time).

I want to dedicated my future for this portal because its also good for me, I will do social work online with my plan and will manage a stable social firm (If get help as i expect will register as social firm) for future. You can contact us any time to get progress report.

Need help me team will earn with advertisement on website after ready website and will use that amount to manage our network team and will help also to needy people on our portal according to budget.

As i think my thought will be take a very good position in future and lots of wishes of needy people we can get so please help me by your own way to complete my dream as soon as possible (As i am targeting that i can get required amount within 1 to 2 months.)

Website is live so you can see portal progress report any time online and can see that where we are utilizing your donated amount or what you share with us.

If you want to donate then you can from here and email us for confirmation. If you want to invest on our plan then please contact us any time we will make a deal (agreement) because right now we are on starting phase and will able to share revenue or invested amount after one or two years.

You can pay us by paypal or credit card from above donate button but if you want to pay us by bankwire or any other ways then please email us, we will send you details.

In case of any types of doubt or question please feel free to email us. I will try my best to reply you promptly or hardly within 24 hours.


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